Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Weekly Chase #10

 Over the weekend I celebrated my birthday! I got to spend part of my day doing what I love with the one I love- running 12.75 miles with my hubby. It was a beautiful day and we were able to head outside for our final long training run for my half in Virginia Beach! It was nice to get outside again since I have done so much of my training for this half marathon on the treadmill. It took me a few miles to get in the groove but then it felt really good.
I wore my new Pro Compression Marathon socks for the first time and I loved them. I also wore them later that day to work and I do think they helped with my recovery. My legs were not as stiff/sore as I expected them to be the next morning. We also took along the handheld water bottle and I guess I am a wimp because I could hardly get a mile and had to hand it off to Tim for him to carry. In the past I was spoiled by always having the jogging stroller to carry everything. I will need to work on using it on short runs to build my endurance with it.
On this run I used the Honey Stinger Chews again and had a much better result. I ate a few about 5.5 miles in and then again at about 9 miles. I also made sure to sip on the water more often since we were using the handheld bottle. I did get a small side ache near mile 10.5 but nothing like the ones in the past.  I will have to keep playing around with my "fueling" as we continue on our full marathon training for May. 
For our long run on Saturday we combined several different "loops" that we run into one long run. We started off on our "10K loop" turned and headed onto our "4.5 mile loop" and finished up with our "5 mile loop". Now I know those numbers don't add up to our 12.75. That is because our "loops" are from home,  back to home. On this run they were all linked together without going home each time. Doing this long run is a true journey through our running. I remember when running even just a small portion of one of these loops was a huge accomplishment. I remember finally being able to run the whole 4.5 mile loop and texting Tim that I did it! I remember working up to the 5 mile loop and then onto the 6.2 mile loop. There was a time that each of these loops were very difficult on their own and now we ran all of them linked together- what an amazing feeling and so much fun to see how far we have come! 
Where does the time go? I can't believe it is time again for The Weekly Chase!

Here is a review of last weeks goals:
  1. Challenge goal- Spend one-on-one time with Riley and Isaac. This didn't happen again but there is time set aside for tonight for time with Riley. We are signed up for the Family Strength Training class at the Y and that is for Tim and me to take with Riley. Once he completes the class then he is able to workout in the Wellness Center as long as we are there with him. We are really looking forward to the class and what it means for time with him in the future.
  2. Challenge goal- Finish reading The Five Love Languages for Children I made progress here but haven't finished the book yet.
  3. Journal my food for the week and do a blog post to report back. I kept track of all of my food until Friday then my journal stops! I also have to say that I did great with my eating up until that point as well. The weekend at work had lots of temptations and I did fairly good at not overdoing it but I did indulge in the goodies.
  4. Foam roll 3 times I didn't do this at all:( It was a crazy week and I was just lucky to get my stretching in. I need to make this more of a priority!
  5. Do 3-4 blog posts this week Nope! I did better about posting but not where I would like it to be. I need to find a routine that works for me.
It's a new month...so that means a new challenge! Molly has a great one for us this month!
March is about making it happen! We make goals weekly – and that is fantastic! Let's think of one or two LARGE goals this month that we really want to see happen. I mean really.
So here goes with the goals for this week:
  • Challenge goal- Start spring cleaning the house! This week I will pick one room, one closet, or one cupboard to go through and deep clean each day.
  • Challenge goal- Find ways to connect with and appreciate my kids! (stated on a day off of school where they are trying to kill each other and are driving me crazy!)  
  • Journal my food and pick one day to do a blog post about.
  • Start getting organized and packing for my trip to Virginia next week.
  • Foam Roll 3 times- Yep, I am bringing that one back again!
  • Finish reading The Five Love Languages for Children

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  1. The love languages for children book was difficult for me as sometimes I really have no clue who I am dealing with - just depends on the morning. SO i took so much info away that sometimes I can't handle it. I think my kids could be each language throughout the week! I hope you can take some good stuff away from it too!