Thursday, March 7, 2013

i am a runner

I am proud to say I am a runner:) I am gearing up for my vacation to Virginia Beach with my best friend where I will run the Shamrock Half Marathon and she will run the marathon. I am getting super excited and can hardly wait for our road trip adventure to begin! It should be a great time and you can bet I will have a ton of pictures to share.
I am getting a little nervous becuase my left knee has been acting up this week. It is fine while I am running but then a few hours after my run it feels like there is a lot of pressure in it and it gets really tight. I am taking it easy this week and I am also doing a lot of icing, stretching, and.... wait for it.... FOAM ROLLING!!! Yep, I said it- I am foam rolling and it isn't so bad. It is actually really helping a ton. I think I have a new item to add to my packing list- my new friend the foam roller:)
Do you schedule vacations around races?
What items necessary when packing for Racecation?


  1. Yes, we love racecations! Our last one was to WDW for the Princess Half Marathon a couple weeks ago. Enjoy the Shamrock Half. The J and R races are fantastic!

    1. Doing a Disney race is on my bucket list for sure! I am sure there will be more racecations in my future.