Monday, February 18, 2013

The Weekly Chase #8

It is crazy to think that one month from now I will have completed the Shamrock Half Marathon (my 5th 1/2 Marathon) and will be making the trip home. I can't believe that it is that close already! I am right on track for training but I am getting nervous already. This will be the first half marathon that I run alone. All of the others I have either run with my husband or my best friend. I would love to PR this half but am afraid that without them pushing me I won't be able to do it. I also need to figure out the "fueling" aspect of it. Yesterday on our 10 mile run I tried the Sport Beans again and still got side aches that made me slow down a couple of times near the end. This time my stomach was great. I would love to hear suggestions of what works for others - what do you use, how often, etc.!

Yesterday's 10 mile run was my longest treadmill run so far! I would love to get back outside but it wasn't in the cards again yesterday. In the end it worked out ok and I was able to try out my Skirt Sport running skirt on a long run. I want to wear it for the Shamrock 1/2 but wanted to try it out first. There were a couple of spots that I learned I need more Body Glide but I think it will work provided that the weather is ok.

Now for the Weekly Chase!

Here are my goals from last week:
  1. Challenge goal- Do something special for my husband for Valentine's Day. Done:)
  2. Challenge goal- Spend one-on-one time with Riley and Isaac. I was able to get Isaac away to go run a couple of errands with me. He was hesitant at first but talked my ear off the whole time. It was nice to have him alone and hear what he had to say without interruptions.
  3. Challenge goal- Read The Five Love Languages for Children so that I can work on my relationship with my boys and be the best mom to them that I can be. I have started the book and am trying to implement what I am reading.
  4. Healthy and Clean eating- Continue to work on this. This week journal everything that I eat to hold myself accountable. This is still a work in progress. I got some in but not much.
  5. Foam Roll- continue to work on making this a habit! Got it in a few times but still far from making it a habit.
  6. Work my Scentsy Family Business- get organized to keep better track of mileage and expenses for this year. Set up a system for keeping track of my customers and my contact with them. Make phone calls and get parties booked. Another work in progress. Doing a great job on tracking mileage but haven't gotten anywhere on the system for tracking customers- I do have a couple of ideas that I just need to implement. Did get one more party booked and have a couple of others interested.
  7. Add strength training back into my workouts- 2-3 sessions Fail! We are participating in the YMCA Indoor Ironman so that has taken priority this month. We have the whole month of February to complete an Ironman. So far I am done with the swimming and the running- now I need to focus on the biking.

So what is my plan for this week?
  1. Challenge goal- Spend one-on-one time with Riley this week.
  2. Challenge goal- Send a quick note to a friend/family member to let them know they are appreciated.
  3. Challenge goal- Finish reading The Five Love Languages for Children
  4. Journal all of my food for the week.
  5. Foam Roll- 3 times
  6. Try a Yoga class
What are your goals for the week?


  1. Heather look into Huma Chia Energy Gel..just google it. I tried it this weekend and fell in love with it! It is easy on the tummy and all natural. Great job on the goals and good luck this week! I'm going to check out the Five Love Languages for Children book!

  2. Love the foam rolling goal. I need to roll more often too!!! Congrats on a great week!

  3. P.S. I just joined your blog as well via google friend connect-I would love for you to join mine too! Cheers!

  4. Get it girl! I have yet to try foam rolling and think I need to incorporate that once I am able to run and be active again!