Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Weekly Chase #7

 My life has been a juggling act this past week and it felt totally CRAZY! I don't feel like I was very successful in balancing it all or doing a good job at any of it. The Weekly Chase for this past week feels like a big FAIL but maybe I will surprise myself as I look back at it all! Lets look at what my goals were for the week!
  1. Healthy and clean eating! This week I am going to take control over the cravings and not give into them. I did fairly well here. I avoided the dreaded Girl Scout cookies while traveling with my Scentsy Team on Saturday. I also avoided the treats and goodies at work this week. I didn't eat totally healthy and clean but made good progress this week- I was definatly more aware of my choices.
  2. Continue to add in core work 3-4 times this week. I got in 2-3 sessions. As the week got crazy this is one area that got pushed aside. 
  3. Foam roll 3-4 times this week. This still isn't getting any easier! Is it common to have bruises on your legs from rolling? I got in 3 sessions but still need to get into a better habit of doing this after running.
  4. Finish getting my Scentsy family business information ready for taxes. DONE!! Tim and I worked together Sunday evening and got it all done. Now to get better organized for next year and to keep track throughout the year instead of filing everything away until January/Feb.
  5. Get 3 parties booked (Scentsy, Grace Adele or Velata). Step out of my comfort zone and make phone calls to make this happen. I got book/bag party going and have a couple of people that are interested in booking but no dates set yet. I didn't make any phone calls but need to start working on this!
  6. Challenge goal- leave a note for Riley and Isaac in their lunches at least one day this week. FAIL! The boys either took hot lunch or made their own lunches this week.
  7. Challenge goal- spend one on one time with Riley and Isaac FAIL! I need to make doing this more of a priority. I think they both need this time and we need to be better about getting it done!
I was really looking forward to the challenge goals and since those didn't happen I feel like this week was a failure. I want to be a good Mom to my boys and that is something that needs to continue to be a focus for me. This goes to show that I need to continue to have those goals and be more aware taking time out for each of them. In the end, the week wasn't as bad as I thought. I did make some progress on some goals and, nce again, I am being hard on myself- I did spend time with the boys (just not one on one) and we had some good family meals together. 
I need to not be so hard on myself!
What are my goals for this week?
  1. Challenge goal- Do something special for my husband for Valentine's Day.
  2. Challenge goal- Spend one-on-one time with Riley and Isaac.
  3. Challenge goal- Read The Five Love Languages for Children so that I can work on my relationship with my boys and be the best mom to them that I can be.
  4. Healthy and Clean eating- Continue to work on this. This week journal everything that I eat to hold myself accountable.
  5. Foam Roll- continue to work on making this a habit!
  6. Work my Scentsy Family Business- get organized to keep better track of milage and expenses for this year. Set up a system for keeping track of my customers and my contact with them. Make phone calls and get parties booked.
  7. Add strength training back into my workouts- 2-3 sessions


  1. You're doing great Heather! A lot of us don't get our goals completed every week...but we are making goals and striving for them and that's what counts! I KNOW you are a great mom and you babies think that too! Good luck this week girl!

  2. Great goals and yes, stop being hard on yourself!