Monday, July 8, 2013

The Weekly Chase

I have totally lost track of the days and can't believe that today is Monday! Tim was off on the 4th and then I worked the weekend so I feel like it is the end of the week! We had a great 4th of July holiday! We went on a family hike at Perrot State Park and then headed off to watch the fireworks from the top of Grand Dad Bluff.

Aidan did a great job hiking the tough trail!

We even took time to enjoy the beauty along the way!

My favorite boys at the top of Brady's Bluff.
We had to get a shot with the beautiful view!

The whole family at the top of Brady's Bluff on July 4th, 2013

Too cute not to include in the post:)

Isaac started out the hike in a "funk" but once we hit the top he came out of it.
He kept posing for pictures on the hike down:)

What a great 2 mile hike!

At Grand Dad's Bluff- waiting for it to get dark!

Thanks to the kind gentleman that offered to do a family shot!!
Grand Dad's Bluff overlooking La Crosse, WI

All of my favorite guys!

Riley, Aidan, and me waiting for the fireworks!
Today summer school started for the older boys which means our schedule is a whole new level of crazy- just in time for the Grandmas to come for the week while we head off to the Scentsy Family Reunion in Indianapolis! Tim's mom is here until Wednesday when my mom will arrive to take over for the rest of the week! Today I have been busy getting boys where they need to be while at the same time trying to get everyone organized for the week, make some food to take, and also pack. I am sure I will forget something in all this craziness but I am almost ready!
Before I can take off I need to check in with The Weekly Chase!

First off here were my goals for last week:
Run at least 3 times Nope! I got in two runs this week and my right leg (upper thigh) started acting up again causing me to limp. I am taking it easy for now to see it that helps.
Bike 3 times Yep! I went with the boys one morning, with Tim one evening, and then we did a family ride on Sunday.
3 strength training sessions Nope- I got in a couple but not the intensity that I would have liked.
3 core workouts Yep!
Try one new healthy recipe Done:) We made pizza using the Trader Joe's Whole Wheat Naan and all but Little Man loved it! Tim and I did light ranch with chicken, red and green peppers, onion, broccoli, and cheese. The boys did sauce with ham and cheese. It was so fast and easy so I am sure we will be doing this again. Now if I could just convince Trader Joe's to get a store closer so I didn't have to drive an hour!!
Our Naan pizza before going into the oven.
3 blog posts Fail again!
Read with the boys for at least 15 minutes each day We tried but it just didn't happen. We didn't get everyday but we had a couple days that were closer to an hour!
Report back on The Weekly Chase on MONDAY!! Done:)
Now for my goals for this week! Tim and I are leaving tomorrow for the Scentsy Family Reunion so that is going to make this week a bit different. We won't be getting back home until Saturday and then Sunday we will have to get the younger boys back from Iowa! Here goes:
Make healthy choices for snacks while traveling.
Complete the Scentsy Family 5K and have a good time doing it! (no time goal)
Learn new things to help with our Scentsy Family businesses!
Meet new people and network.

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  1. Yay! For Naan pizza!!!!! Glad you liked it! Yea ours is about 30min away & I'd LOVE one closer!!
    Gorgeous views and great pictures! Such a beautiful, active family!