Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Check this out!

This is what our family calendar looks like for the month of July. Each family member has their own color to help me keep everyone straight. Things are a little crazy this month with every one's commitments.
Now take a closer look!
Look at today and tomorrow! Two days on our family calendar (in a row even) that have absolutely NOTHING planned!

I was almost in shock!

No baseball practice.

No baseball games.

No saxophone lesson.

No commitments!!!
The boys and I started off day 1 by sleeping in! Little man must have needed it because it was nearly 11 o'clock when he finally woke up (it was a late night last night)! After everyone was finally up and dressed we headed out for a bike/hike/bike.
We biked about a five mile route that put us to a local trail head where the boys have been wanting to hike for the past few weeks. We parked the bikes and headed up the bluff!

taking a quick break along the trail

Little man did a good job of keeping up!
This trail was tougher than the past few that we have done.

Isaac enjoying a quick break.
Another quick break as we got close to the top.

We made it!

What a view!

The view was worth the hike!

Not a great picture but this was the best of several attempts!

Heading back down the bluff.
Little man was in the lead most of the way down- he said down was much easier than up:)
After a 1.3 mile hike (up and down round trip) we got back on our bikes and headed home for the another 2 mile bike.

After a quick lunch it was time to practice the saxophone...

I can't believe how much he has improved over the past few weeks.
Maybe I need to post a video so you can hear:)
... and get in some reading before Dad got home!

Isaac and I took turns reading for almost an hour:)
On the agenda for tonight: mowing the lawn, running some errands, and then Tim and I need to get in some kind of a workout!  
We have had a great day enjoying the beautiful weather! I can't believe that we actually have another day tomorrow that we can do whatever we want- and even better- Tim will be home to enjoy it with us!

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