Thursday, May 16, 2013

training is in the books...

My marathon training is officially in the books! I headed out for one last training run this morning! Two miles felt like nothing after all of the miles we have put in over the past several months.

 We made the decision to do this way back last fall. It defiantly took more than just the desire- it took lots of determination and dedication to get in all of the necessary training runs!
There were times that we weren't sure that we could stick with it and the idea of doing the marathon started to sound daunting but we stayed loyal and committed to our goal!
 We ran on the treadmill when we had too (which was a lot with our lovely Wisconsin winter this year) and we ran outside when we could. We ran in sleet, snow, rain, wind, and now the heat. We pushed the stroller when we had to so that we could get a run in (even if it was for 18 miles). We had to get creative at times to make it all work! We successfully made it to the end of our training.
All that is left now is to pack our bags for our weekend away to Green Bay and to get our minds right to enjoy the last leg of this journey.
 I am more than halfway there- I not only BELIEVE, I KNOW I can do it! We are going to be smart over the next few days and are going to take it easy and really enjoy all of the hard work that we have put into this training. I am a bit nervous but I am also super excited! During our training Tim said more than once that this will be our only marathon until the kids are out of the house- I am not so sure! SHHHH, don't tell him this (and I guess I will see how often he reads my blog) but I am pretty sure that there is another marathon in my future! I say this now before actually having run one but I really have enjoyed the journey. I have loved the time that we have gotten to spend together as we did our long runs. I love a challenge and this has challenged me in more ways than I can even express- I have not always loved every minute of it but now looking back, it was all necessary to get to this point. I have more confidence in myself and I am proud that I pushed through.
I know that I am not super fast and I will never win a race or age group in the marathon. That is not what it is about. This is MY race! My main goal is to finish and to have fun along way! I also have a goal in my head-  I guess I will put it out there- my big goal is to finish under 5 hours!



  1. congrats and hats off to ya for being my inspiration :) amazing job and way to work for things that you want in life! MUCH to be proud of!!!

    1. Thanks so much Marissa! It is awesome when we can all work to inspire each other. We are very proud today that we put in the work and went for it!

  2. GREAT JOB HEATHER AND TIM!!! That is a lot to be proud of.

    1. Thanks Gustafson Family! We are very proud:)