Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Interview with Isaac at age 8

This post is dedicated to my sweet, spunky little boy ISAAC! He turned 8 years old last week and I recently interviewed him to capture this time in his life. My plan is to interview each of they boys around their birthday each year so that we can see how they change over time. It was really fun to sit down, one-on-one, with Isaac and get into his head a little. Some of his answers surprised me and I can't wait to see how some of them change as he gets older. Here is my interview with Isaac:
  1. Name: Isaac Paul
  2. How old are you? 8 years old
  3. What is your favorite thing to do? play sports & get active
  4. Who is your best friend? Matt & Dirk
  5. What is your favorite color? Green turquoise- a blueish green, it's beautiful
  6. What is your favorite food? Dad's pizza
  7. What do you like to do with your family? go hiking
  8. What is your favorite toy? X-box
  9. What do you want to be when you grow up? Police Officer or Veterinarian
  10. What makes you happy? getting to see my friends almost everyday at school
  11. What makes you sad? when people be mean to my friends
  12. What is your favorite show? Kickin' It
  13. What is your favorite book? Poacher Panic
  14. What do you love to learn about? math & animals
  15. What was the best part of your birthday? getting to spend time with my family
  16. Where do you like to go? to Elkader to Grandma's
  17. Who is your teacher? Mrs. Odegaard
  18. What is your favorite treat? apple (shocking to me because he loves candy of any kind)
  19. What do you think about before you fall asleep? what I am gonna do at school the next day
  20. What was your favorite birthday present? Spark Scooter
  21. What sport do you like best? baseball
  22. What are you really good at? writing stories
  23. What would you buy if you had $1000? a new car for Mom & Dad
  24. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? vanilla
  25. Who is your biggest hero? Police Officers- they protect all of us
  26. What do you hope you'll get to do before your next birthday? go somewhere I haven't been
  27. What do you like to do best with your friends? have a sleep-over
  28. What is your favorite song? Gangham Style
  29. I am very proud because....    I can run fast. (Note: his mile time on 5/8/13 was 7:43 and he came home beaming with his time written on his hand so he wouldn't forget what it was)
  30. I am afraid to....   mess up in a baseball game.
  31. Imagine that you can become invisible whenever you wanted to. What are some of the things that you would do? Scare my brothers.
  32. Pretend that you can fly whenever you wanted. Where would you go? Los Angeles, that is where they make movies and where the people in movies are at.
  33. Where do you want to go on vacation? DisneyLand
  34. What is your favorite thing to do with Mom or Dad? go places- travel
Isaac with his best friends- they came for a sleepover for his birthday.

What a year it has been! We have had our ups and downs but it is all part of the journey and it is making us who we are today. Isaac is helping me learn to be more patient and understanding and he has made me a better person because of it! We have dealt with multiple incidents of Isaac being bullied at school and have really had to work hard at helping him to see that he shouldn't let one or two people get him down along with giving him ideas on how to deal with it. This year we also discovered that he is dyslexic and we have been working hard to help him in whatever ways we can to deal with that- helping to boost his confidence to realize that it won't hold him back. He can accomplish anything he wants with hard work and determination. Isaac is strong-willed, stubborn, and determined- at times that can cause problems for us as parents but in the future it is going to work to his advantage as he has those characteristics to accomplish all of his goals! We are working to help him realize when to put those traits to good use!These situations have made us step back and realize how we deal with others and that we all need to have more patience and understanding for those around us as we don't know what they are dealing with in their life. 
Isaac is an active, spunky, energetic 8 year old that loves to be outside. He is super sweet, loving and caring. He is very sensitive and feels bad for others if they are having a tough time. He is a great helper and is proud of himself when he can make someone else feel good or when he can step in and do something for someone else. He loves animals and has a special gift when dealing with them. I am starting to see him have more confidence and more pride in himself when he accomplishes something. It breaks my heart that kids can be so mean and that they can knock someone down so much. I hate that he has to work so much harder on things that can come so easy for others! I love him with all of my heart and I can't wait to see him continue on his journey to becoming who he is destined to be! I have no doubt that he will accomplish what is important to him!

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