Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Big sigh of relief

Based on past history I figured I would get a phone call if there was something to worry about and since I hadn't gotten that dreaded phone call yet a week after my biopsy,  I allowed myself to relax a little over Easter weekend. When my worry/anxiety would try to sneak in I stopped it by telling myself that there was a letter with good news somewhere in the US Postal System. But, as a worrier, I still needed that confirmation before I could completely relax and fully believe it. Late Sunday night, after a long day of traveling home from visiting my dad and stepmom in Missouri, I was grateful to find the letter waiting for me. This letter brought with it good news and a great big sigh of relief!

I feel very lucky and incredibly grateful for such great news and also for all of the wonderful people in my life who sent messages of thoughts/concern/support over the past couple of weeks. I am blessed to have so many wonderful people by my side helping me through tough times like this!

So, now that I am able to put that scare behind me, it is time to move on to "fun" stuff.

We had a great time in Missouri and I will have more to share on that once I have an opportunity to get my pictures off my camera. That hasn't happened yet because we have been busy enjoying the beautiful spring days that we have been blessed with the past few days (and the fact that I was only working 6 hour shifts- a coworker and I split our Monday and Tuesday shifts up to help each of us out).

Monday the kids were off of school so I hustled home from work (grateful to be off after 6 hours) so that we could go hiking with some friends. We had a lot of fun exploring some new trails in the area. It was a beautiful day and was nice to catch up with a friend while being active with our boys.

According to Aidan we hiked to the top of the world.
Tuesday the kids were back in school so I was able to get back to my normal Tuesday morning routine of heading to the Y after dropping them off. I was able to get in a 5k run on the dreadmill before heading to my favorite yoga class. I have worked the past several Tuesdays so it felt so good to get back to that class. The stretching was just what I needed and helped me find some balance again.

When I walked out of The Y I couldn't believe how nice it was outside and I started to regret running earlier. On my drive home I decided that I had just enough time (and energy) left to head out for a couple more miles before having to get ready for work. It turned out that was also just what I needed. It felt so good to run outside after a week off (due to work and traveling). It was nice enough that I was comfortable in a tank top and my leggings and I was able to "take in" and appreciate the wonderful morning while my favorite songs played in my ear. It was glorious and really helped me embrace my inner blue flower.

This is a flower that I have not always felt I connected with but am really working on this year and  I think I was successful in doing just that on Tuesday!

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