Thursday, January 7, 2016

Silver Dollar City

We made the decision to spend Christmas weekend in Missouri back in September. Everything just fell right making it the perfect year to make the trip there. Also part of the plan was to spend a day at Silver Dollar City. My dad and step-mom (Jill) made a trip there for Jill's birthday (or as Jill told me, so Dad could check it out to see if the boys would enjoy it). It met their approval so it was all planned.
As Christmas got closer we were all watching the weather for the Branson area and it wasn't looking good. Rain was in the forecast and the percentage chance kept going up, and up, and up. By the time we were leaving to drive to Missouri it was a 90-100% chance of rain for that weekend and I got a text to prepare the boys that the trip to Silver Dollar City might not happen.
Over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we continued to watch the weather and it continued to look bad. Then as Christmas day was coming to a close it started to improve very slightly. We decided to go to bed and see what the day brought.
Saturday (December 26) we woke to thunder and lightening along with pouring down rain. But, Silver Dollar City was 2.5 hours away in Branson so that meant it might not necessarily be doing the same thing there. We checked the weather apps, the radar and even called the park... all to get the same message... it wasn't looking good. I am not even sure how it was decided but it was decided to make the 2.5 hour drive to "just see". We were all very aware that we might be driving that far to have lunch and then drive back. We drove in torrential down pours. If I was driving, I would have pulled over a few times. But as we got closer it started to let up. We pulled into the parking lot and there were a bunch of cars so we decided to give it a go. We boarded the bus and made our way to the gate.
We found a ride that was running because it was inside and decided to check it out. Aidan and Papa stayed behind as Aidan didn't want to ride. There were no lines and we were able to stay on the ride as many times as we wanted. Jill went and got Aidan and Papa to ride as well. After several times through we all met back up. It was still raining but was a bit more spotty and would stop every once in a while.

found in a store while waiting for Dad, Jill, and Aidan to finish their ride
 We decided that this magnet needed to be our motto for the day!

We spent some time exploring the park and getting the "lay of the land" while checking to see what rides were open... only 2 that were both indoors. We rode each several times. We grabbed lunch at an wonderful wood-fired pizza place and were back to exploring... to find that the rain had stopped.

We checked to see if any more rides had opened but there was still lightening "in the area" so we had to wait.

We found this fun ball room where you could shoot foam balls at each other through air cannons and the boys had a blast in there. Just as we were starting to get frustrated with the lack of rides being open we heard that they would be opening soon.

Tim, the big boys, Eric, Leslie and Jill (who all love rides) headed off to the big rides. Dad, Aidan and I (who don't love rides) stayed in the area that had rides for Aidan.

Aidan's favorite ride. He even got me and Jill each on it with him.

Dad and I took turns going on this one but it still wasn't as good as the Ladder Company drop one.

Aidan even got GJ on the dalmation ride. One time on that one was enough for me... I can't go in circles anymore!
My favorite lights.
As it got dark, the park was beautiful! Dad, Aidan and I rode the train and then we all met up again for the Christmas Light Parade.

My favorite tree in the park!

Once the parade was over we made our way back to our cars. As we were leaving the park we started to see lightening It looked like we had just made it! We got to see what we wanted (lights and parade) and everyone got to ride the rides that wanted at least a few times. We made the 2.5 hour drive back to Dad and Jill's house... in torrential rain! We got super lucky and managed to get the perfect window of clearing to enjoy the park. We knew it was a chance we were taking by making the drive but it all worked out and we had a great visit to Silver Dollar City. So many wonderful memories were made as a family and we can't wait to go back!

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