Friday, January 22, 2016

High Five Friday

Today I am doing my first High Five Friday post! I have been following Happy Fit Mama on Instagram for a while now and have always enjoyed sharing in her journey through her pictures and her posts on that social media platform. Recently, I clicked on her profile and checked out her blog and fell in love with her "High Five Friday" posts. There is so much negativity in our lives and I love the idea of taking the time to reflect back on the good that happened throughout the week. The whole idea is to write a post filled with GOOD things from the week... it could be five pictures that make you happy. Five articles or blog posts that made you happy. It could be five things you ate... whatever it was that made you happy during the week. What a fun way to spread some joy!

You can follow my daily journey by following me on Instagram as well... it is probably my favorite Social Media Platform :)

1) First run with my turquoise flower and it felt so right!

2) Trying something new... love the flavor and light carbonation.

3) Patiently waiting for Ms. Shelby to walk with us. Getting caught up with a friend while being active is the best. (Plus, the unconditional love of this sweet girl always brings me joy!)

4) Getting more miles in outside with my hubby and oldest son.

5) Fully present. Calm, balanced, at peace... I am content... after a great run followed by my favorite yoga class.

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  1. Oh I love that you run with your hubby and son. That's fantastic! Thanks for linking up to High 5 Friday!