Monday, January 6, 2014

YMCA New Year's Resolution Run

First off...
Happy New Year!
2013 ranks right up there
as one of the most memorable
years of my life!
From one of the lowest of lows-
 having melanoma and starting the year off with surgery to remove it
and all of the fear and worry that came along with that;
to one of the highest of highs-
finishing my first marathon with my husband right there next to me
and my best friend there to cheer me on;
2013 was a year I will NEVER forget!
I learned a lot about myself
and have gained a new appreciation
for the "little things" in life.
With all of that being said-
I am ready to make 2014 an AMAZING year!

Here in the Midwest we are in the middle of an Artic Blast
and I am NOT a fan!
Actual temp of -20 degrees this morning
with a real feel of -47 degrees.
I think Mother Nature
has gone completely crazy
and needs to be put on meds!
I am also beginning to think that I may be crazy
as I am the one that chooses to live here!
It has been a very cold winter so far
and it is only January 6th-
Saturday morning we were lucky
and had a very brief warm-up
(if you can call 20 degrees "warm")
 just in time for the
We signed up for the 5 mile run series
 and did the first race
back in December.
Because we were participating in the series
we already had our bibs from the first race
and didn't have to do any packet pick-up.
We arrived at the Y with just enough time to pick up
our timing chips and get ready to race.
We were inside briefly before we got warm and headed outside.
 We did a little stretching
 and a quick warm-up jog around the parking lot.
Before we knew it everyone was heading to the start line.
Getting ready to race
 They did a count down from 10
and we were off.
In the December race we started off pretty fast
so we tried to hang back a bit in the beginning and took it easy.
As we came to the first mile marker I check my watch-
 we were at 9:22/mi pace
and I thought to myself that it was feeling much better than last time.
By this point I was already getting warm
and flipped open the flaps on my mittens.
As we headed to the 2 mile marker
I was thinking that this race
was so much more enjoyable than the last one-
temperature was perfect,
pace was way better,
and I was able to take it all in
and really appreciate starting off the new year
in such a positive way.
At the 2 mile marker
I check my watch-
At this point we are running on sidewalks
and it was hard to get around people
but we managed to
pass a few as we headed up a hill-
what a great feeling!
I love passing people on the hills-
it makes me feel so strong and gives me
such a boost of confidence!
As we headed to the 3 mile marker
we were on and off the sidewalks
due to them being snow covered.
At times it was hard running
in the loose snow and I wished that I had
done some training runs outside.
Mile 3- 9:13/mi
I was liking what I was seeing on my watch
and the run was feeling really good at this point.
I noticed that I felt more relaxed,
my breathing was good,
and I wasn't clenching my fists
 like I was at this point in December.
Shortly before the 4 mile mark
we merged with the 5K runners
and once again this gave me another boost
of energy and confidence
as we were able to pass several more runners.
Mile 4- 9:01/mi
As I saw my watch I was pretty happy.
We were doing exactly what we needed to-
we held back in the beginning
and were able to pick up the pace
with each mile.
Just after the 4 mile mark
there is an incline and once again
we continued to pass people at this point
and it felt amazing!
As we turned the last couple of corners
 we really picked up our pace-
we paced ourselves enough in the beginning
that we still had some energy left in the tank
to have a solid finishing kick.
As we came down the street heading back to the Y
we passed a few more people!
We turned into the parking lot
and sprinted it out to the finish.
Finish time on my watch was 44:58.
We didn't beat our time from the first race
but we enjoyed this race a whole lot more.
We paced ourselves,
had negative splits,
and had a strong finish!
 My Race Stats:
Gun time: 45:03
Overall Place: 57/114
Division Place: 11/24
Sex Place: 23/65
Tim's Stats:
Gun time: 45:03
Overall Place: 58/114
Division Place: 11/13
Sex Place: 35/49
Overall 5 mile Series Standings (2/3 races complete):
Heather- 33/61 with a total time of 1:28:42
Tim- 34/61 with a total time of 1:28:42
Female 5 mile Series Results (Top 10):
9- Heather Wellendorf

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  1. Congratulations! Amazing to hear about how your run went. :) Stay warm. I know Midwest is getting crazy weather. It's 11F today but I'll take it rather than the negative temps we had the past few days.

    Stay warm! :)