Friday, September 11, 2015

Where did summer go?

As I am sure is the case with most of you, our summer completely got away from us because it was filled with all kinds of fun activities.
Each of the boys kept us busy with baseball games nearly EVERY night and tournaments filled our weekends.
Aidan's first year of t-ball (and his best bud, Cailyn aka Sissy, was on his team)

Isaac had a great year on an amazing team

Riley really grew as a ball player this year and had some fun in the process.

Plus, Riley and Aidan participated in the Park and Rec Summer Track and Field program and had practices and meets during the days. Isaac decided not to participate in it this year but said at the first meet that he was going to again next summer. I think he realized he was missing out on some of the fun by just watching.

What a great experience they had with many friends participating.
Between all of that, work and maintaining a somewhat clean household we managed to stay plenty busy this summer.  We really wouldn't want it any other way. I love that my boys enjoy living an active lifestyle and it is so much fun to watch them participate in activities that they love! Plus, we have become great friends with many of the other parents and families and it is really hard when we aren't seeing them every day once it is all over!

It felt like the summer was just getting started and here we are with the kids back in school for two weeks already!
First day of 2015-2016 School year- Riley (8th Grade), Isaac (5th Grade) and Aidan (1st Grade)
With the start of school brings the start of 5th grade tackle football for Isaac (first year for tackle) and cross country and fall baseball for Riley. Aidan decided against flag football but is excited for basketball to start later in the fall.
Other than sharing some memories from our summer vacations (which will be coming in the next post- more for me to document for myself than because I think you care to see it), I think that just about brings us back up to speed after my three month leave from the blogging world:) 
The summer always seems to pull me away but now that school is back in session I can get back to more of a routine and can work on posting more again. I really do miss having this outlet when it takes a back burner to everything else.

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